Overwatch 2 players claim Blizzard is trying to trick users into buying the battle pass

A number of players are already convinced this was done on purpose.

One of the welcome changes with Overwatch 2’s season three update is the expansion of ways to earn skins and cosmetics via a returning currency. But a small hiccup on the battle pass page is leaving players confused over what currency they’re actually acquiringand some are convinced there’s malicious intent involved.

Starting in season three, all players can start earning Credits by leveling up their battle pass, regardless if they are battle pass owners or not. Free players can earn up to 1,500 Credits while battle pass owners can unlock an extra 500 Credits.

But the Credits that appear on the battle pass rewards page are listed with a yellow icon that uses a very similar color to the game’s premium currency, Overwatch Coins. Coins are purchased with real money and are used to buy the premium battle pass as well as Legendary skins from the Heroes page. On the same Heroes page, Credits are clearly marked with a white icon on listings for purchasable skins as well as the currency tracker in the top right corner. Both icon designs for Credits and Coins are also strikingly similar.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

While this could be considered a simple mistake, it could also be more deceiving than that. At first glance, it could easily appear to players looking at the battle pass that they can earn free Coins by leveling up, allowing them to grind their way to unlocking the premium battle pass for free. One of the most popular live services games, Fortnite, allows players who purchase a seasonal battle pass to earn enough premium currency by completing challenges to buy the next season’s pass without needing to spend real money.

While it’s unclear if Blizzard is purposely trying to trick players into grinding or purchasing the battle pass, numerous players have already decided for themselves that Blizzard did this on purpose. One wrote on the Overwatch subreddit that “there’s no way this wasn’t done to intentionally confuse people since the shapes are already extremely similar,” and several other players relayed similar sentiments.

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