Overwatch 2 players can’t get enough of Loverwatch for one special reason

Love is in the air for the Overwatch dating sim.

Love is in the air once again this Valentines Day. Its not just in real life, but also in the lore-rich universe of Overwatch.

For the first time in the series history, Overwatch and Team Four are looking to play a proactive part in the romantic festivities this February. As part of its newly running Ultimate Valentine event, Overwatch 2 has received a Cupid Hanzo bundle, a Love of Geometry LTM, Support Your Support challenges, and, perhaps best of all, a non-canon dating simLoverwatch.

But aside from simply existing for the sake of the inherent novelty that comes with the concept, it appears the surprise-release mini-game is stealing the hearts of many within the Overwatch fandom.

Less than four hours removed from the launch of Loverwatch yesterday, a fan by the name of u/dogsodaa went on Reddit to sing its creators their praises, mentioning that it is the most self-aware dating sim theyve ever come across.

It’s actually kind of endearing, like a real, actual team of REAL people made this game,” u/dogsodaa said. “Not some corporate entity that doesn’t care at all about the game, characters, etc. The humor is pretty good, too, as corny as some jokes are.

In the threads comments, dozens of other Overwatch fans shared similar sentiments about the browser-based game.

I was worried I’d feel super lame and be cringing going through it trying to get the rewards, but it was so self-aware that it was fun to go through and see all the self-digs and fan behavior,” u/-BuckyBarnes said. “Zen made me actually laugh out loud.

I absolutely loved it, u/drhyacinth said. The humor was genuinely funny, and kinda poked fun at themselves, the art was gorgeousjust overall very cute. Playing it made my day better.

With how passionate Overwatch fans are for the franchise, both in and out of its signature, action-packed FPS matches, it appears the devs have succeeded in crafting a love letter to its community worth celebrating.

Those looking to check out the trending spin-off for themselves can do so at Loverwatch.gg until the Overwatch 2 Ultimate Valentine event ends on Feb. 28.

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