Overwatch 2 players can grab a free Legendary skin via Twitch rewards

Players will need to re-link their accounts to Twitch.

Kiriko is coming to Overwatch 2 when it launches, and so is a Legendary skin and other goodies for players who watch a certain amount of Twitch streamers.

Players have waited a long time to get their hands on Overwatch 2, and soon the game will launch in PvP early access on Oct. 4. To celebrate, the Overwatch team is offering up some rewards for watching streamers on Twitch.

A Donut weapon charm, Razor Sharp Kiriko spray, and Legendary Sukajan Kiriko skin will all be up for grabs based on how many hours players spend watching any streamer who is broadcasting Overwatch 2 on Twitch.

There are two different Twitch drops that players can grab up during the promotional period. The first is the Legendary Kiriko skin, which can be earned by watching a total of six hours between Oct. 7 at 4pm CT and Oct. 17 at 2am CT. The second is the Razor Sharp Kiriko spray and Donut weapon charm, which only requires two hours of watching Twitch streams between Oct. 17 at 1pm CT and Oct. 24 at 2am CT.

How to connect Twitch with Battle.net

To get the drops, players must re-link their Twitch and Battle.net accounts to be eligible for Overwatch 2 drops, even if they’ve participated in the past. To do that, log into your Battle.net account and go to the Connections page and then click “Connect to Twitch” and follow the instructions.

Streamers who wish to enable drops on their stream can do so by linking their Twitch and Battle.net accounts and then opting into drops. Any channel in the Overwatch 2 category on Twitch will automatically start earning progress toward drops. Viewers can watch the same streamer for all the hours required or bounce between different streamers. Each method will still gain progress toward the drop.

When you get your Twitch drop, you’ll need to claim it in the drops inventory menu on Twitch within 14 days or else the drop will expire. Then, you should have the rewards sent to your account and be able to equip them in the game shortly after you claim them.

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