Overwatch 2 players are united in their hatred for one specific game mode

There's some serious pushback from the community on this mode.

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s a big reason why Overwatch 2 can be such a fun game. Players are able to swap heroes at any given moment, queue for different roles, and experience several different maps and modesor at least that’s the plan in theory.

Game director Aaron Keller recently said that the new Push mode was popping up more than intended and a fix was deployed to rectify it. But the community’s disdain for the robot-escorting mode has not changed much.

“Last week we talked about Push maps having a higher frequency than other maps,” Keller said on Feb. 10. “It was about 30 percent more. We implemented a quick fix this week that should go part way to balancing this out. Depending upon how big of an affect it has, we might need to do more to this in the future.”

According to some Reddit posts on the subject, more does in fact need to be done. In one of the threads, a player screengrabbed their recent competitive matches. Four out of the six games were on Push.

“Blizzard, please fix whatever seems to be the problem in the map queue,” the Reddit user said. “I know that map pools are gone in season four, but enjoying this game is getting pretty hard because of push. Push just isn’t fun and I am always annoyed to play it.”

The thread was filled with players who agreed about Push, and the main issue players have with it was how the spawn points function in the mode. The discourse surrounding Push has been ongoing since launch but seems to be getting louder recently.

“I like the game mode conceptually,” another post read. “It’s really neat, but a 45 second walk back to the fight without movement abilities is awful. Especially when you spawn right before your team unlocks the forward spawn.”

As passionate as ever, OW2 players in another thread even had some suggestions on how to fix the mode. Again, spawn points seem to be the main issue with players.

“The spawns should be centrally located so they’re always about equidistant from where the bot might be,” one poster said. “We can keep the ‘final objective basically is defender’s spawn’ thing, but the similar Team Fortress 2 mode had spawns where, no matter where the cart was, you had about an equal trip to get to it. This avoids the idea that you’re fighting the MAP instead of the TEAM.”

Other than spawn points, players are in agreement that another issue is that the game snowballs very easily and is quite difficult to come back from.

“You have to work extra hard when you’re behind,” another post read. “The time it takes to push the robot back to center doesn’t count for anything. Imagine if on a control map and you have zero percent and the enemy team has 25 percent…but you have to count down their 25 percent before you can even begin to accrue your own progress.”

Since Push is the newest mode in the game, there’s some work that can be done to freshen it up and make it feel more fair and a bit more fun to play. Who better to ask for feedback on how to fix it up than the players who are grinding the game and care enough about it to post their findings online?

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