Overwatch 2 players are swapping teams mid-match now and no one can figure out why

But I liked my old team.

Overwatch 2 has been known for a few bugs here and there, but a bug that forces you to swap teams? That’s going to upset the communityand unfortunately, it’s a bug that’s been popping up in January so far.

Essentially, no matter what team you’re on, there’s a chance you can be swapped midway through your OW2 battle. You could be dominating the other team, and all of a sudden, you’re suffering the same fate on the other side. Prepare to be put into your enemy’s shoes, as you could be on their side in an instant.

One OW2 player revealed the glitch. For them, the bug appeared at the worst time possible. I switched teams mid-game, the unlucky gamer shared.

This Ana player seemed to be putting in the hard yards too, alongside their teammates. The match on Lijiang Tower looked like a one-sided event, and clearly too much sothe Overwatch gods thrust multiple players from one team onto the other.

After the bug was shared, one OW2 player joked: I know some people would do everything to win the game but isnt that going a little too far?

The glitch didn’t end there either; the bug seems to also cause Overwatch 2 lobbies to restart from the beginning, and sometimes on a different map. I had an entire game restart once, it was on the Circuit Royal map and we were right near the end, the player reporting that version of the interesting new bug said in the Jan. 19 thread.

They added that all of a sudden the game ends and switches everyone to Rialto. While Rialto might be an enjoyable map for some, most Overwatch gamers would rather finish the game they were playing originally.

Different teams, same OW2 bugs

While this bug might be new to some gamers, a similar glitch has reportedly been around for a few months.

The original issue was thought to be fixed since there werent any reports of team switching. However, the bug remains. The difference between these Overwatch bugs is how many players are actually shuffled from roster to roster. This particular glitch, reported back in November, switched the entire team from one side to the other.

All players got swapped to the opposite team in the middle of a QP match on Route 66, the OW2 gamer said. In the historical clip, one unlucky tank player was handed a game lost after the switch occurred right at the end of the lobby.

As it turns out, players have been reporting this happening back in OW1 as well. It’s been rearing its ugly head for some time, so hopefully, Blizzard takes notice soon.

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