Overwatch 2 players are still struggling with unintended consequences of Lifeweaver’s troublesome ability

It's taking more than just a little while to get used to.

Fan feedback of Lifeweaver hasnt been entirely positive since the hero was initially unveiled last month, and despite a few weeks to practice him, players are still finding it difficult to utilize his extraordinarily unique kit effectively.

While most heroes take some time to learn, Lifeweaver possesses some of the most unconventional abilities in Overwatch 2, and as many players have learned, if used improperly, his cooldowns can turn game-saving plays into game-throwing mistakes.

One ability, in particular, stands out in Lifeweaver’s kit as problematic for players to master. Life Grip is Lifeweavers way of pulling allies back to the team if they have overextended or maybe are in danger. Along with bringing them back to Lifeweavers location, the ability puts a protective barrier around them, and it can also be used to give a hero momentum in a certain direction.

This has led to numerous mishaps with teammates that might not be communicating as effectively as they should. In multiple trending videos on Reddit today, players have clipped themselves using Life Grip to try and save an ally just to accidentally slingshot them off of the map instead.

In one instance, a Lifeweaver tried to pull his Mei onto a Petal Platform to avoid a Bastion ultimate. Since the Mei used Ice Block right as they were being gripped, to the platform, they instead were just slingshot right off the side of the bridge on Eichenwalde instead.

Another clip showed a similar platform slingshotting moment in which a Winston was about to fall off the map, as Lifeweaver gripped the player to save them, the Winston was rocketed in the opposite direction, which was also off the side of the map.

Maybe the most hilariously sad use of Life Grip came during a Blizzard World push though. As one Rienhardt was getting double-teamed by enemies, their Lifeweaver attempted to grip them back to safety, but they couldnt do so before the opposing Tracer stuck the Rein with a pulse bomb.

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The way the two abilities work in conjunction is such that the pulse bomb remained stuck on Reinhardt as he was brought back to his team and the bomb exploded taking out both supports instead of simply hitting just the Reinhardt.

Lifeweaver hasnt been in the game for a full month yet, but even when Blizzard unveiled his abilities, fans were quick to point out the problems that Life Grip posed. With a little bit of time to try to figure things out, it appears as though the problematic ability could be even more troublesome than everyone originally anticipated.

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