Overwatch 2 players are sick of losing to 1-hit kill heroes that ‘completely ruin the fun’

We're looking at you Widowmaker.

The Overwatch 2 community has had a gutful of getting “one-shot” by powerful heroes, with those grinding in the loftiest ranks of the Blizzard sequel claiming characters that can pull off insta-kills have “completely ruined the fun” in the game.

This includes heroes like Widowmaker and Hanzo, players said.

The problem, a horde of OW2 players said in a Reddit thread on March 14, is that there is basically no counterplay to these characters. If you make a ‘big’ mistake like stepping around a corner too early or peeling off from your team, these one-shot picks can simply delete youand players want the devs to change things up there.

While Widowmaker and her sniper rifle and Hanzo and his trusty bow copped the brunt of the ire, other heroes like Sojourn weren’t free from critique either, though only when she’s paired with Mercy’s damage boosts.

The biggest problem, the disgruntled Overwatch 2 mob agreed, is Widowmaker. In particular, their complaints revolved around how much she warps the game. “My gameplay is just hide-and-seek,” one annoyed Ana main shared. Others added the issue only gets worse once Mercy flies up to join the French sharpshooter and has only gotten worse now that OW2 has shifted away from ‘shield meta’ recently.

With season four on the way, there’s a chance Widow may cop some nerfs.

That being said, it’s all up to Blizzard to decide which characters they want to change in every Overwatch 2 update, so we’ll just have to hold our breath.

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