Overwatch 2 players are getting free highlight intros for new heroes—but only until the end of the month

Don't forget to claim these three free cosmetics before November ends!

Players who log in to Overwatch 2 through the end of November can claim new free highlight intros for the games three newest heroes: Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko.

Amid heavy criticism of the new monetization of cosmetics in Overwatch 2, fans have been calling for more ways to earn customization options for their favorite heroes that dont involve spending money. Blizzard answered this call this month, though many argue the cosmetics in the shop remain overpriced and highlight intros aren’t the cosmetics players want.

The period to claim each highlight intro is different and will be split up for the rest of the month. All players need to do to get the cosmetics is log in to their Overwatch 2 account during the specified time period.

The highlight intro for Sojourn is the Optics intro, which features a close-up shot of the heros eye that pans out into a full-body shot focusing on her gun. Sojourn is a character known for maximizing cybernetic enhancements to both her own body and her weapon, and this highlight intro puts those characteristics in full focus.

Compared to Sojourns other highlight intros, this one is unique and brings the strong hero into a close-up view.

Sojourns highlight intro is available from Nov. 17 to 21 at 1pm CT.

Junker Queens free highlight intro adds an even deeper menacing layer to her character. The highlight intro starts by focusing on her hand on a table, where she is playing with her knife, stabbing it between each finger. 

Junker Queens Five Fingers highlight intro is available for free between Nov. 21 and 26 at 1pm CT.

Kirikos featured highlight intro is her On the Wind intro, which gives players a close-up view of her healing ofuda papers as one blows into her hand. This highlight intro is perfect for showing off a gold weapon or special skin since other players cant really see the designs on the ofuda in-game.

Kirikos highlight intro is available from Nov. 26 to 30 at 1pm CT.

All three highlight intros that are available for free this month are special. Though highlight intros arent tiered in the Overwatch 2 cosmetics system, these three are definitely high quality and will enhance your fantastic play of the game.

Make sure to log in and open Overwatch 2 this month to get these three highlight intros for the games newest characters.

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