Overwatch 2 players are dying for new Talantis map—in all the wrong ways

Watch your step.

Overwatch 2s first ever fan-made map released on April 25, and for a limited time players can play the Control map Talantis. The non-canon map is available this week only in the arcade, and while the underwater Talon lair is intriguing to most players, theres a dark side to it that some have discovered.

Despite being a seemingly entertaining Control point map, Talantis has claimed numerous victims in a peculiar fashion. Some Overwatch 2 players have started to circulate bizarre clips from Talantis in which players have died on the map simply from exiting their respective spawn points.

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Two separate videos uploaded to Reddit in the past day clearly show players getting eliminated by no one at the start of matches. There doesnt seem to be much of rhyme or reason for the instantaneous deaths, either.

In one clip, a Soldier: 76 appears to experience an environmental death as he is sprinting out of the spawn ship, and in another, a Ramattra player immediately dies after going into Nemesis form as he exits the ship.

Perhaps the bug stems from the players use of abilities as they leave the ship, but looking at other heroes on those same teams, it appears as though many of them were able to use movement abilities as they left the ship without any issues.

Luckily, Talantis, which is a play on the words Talon and Atlantis, isnt a part of the competitive map pool, so its not as big of a deal that it might have some bugs. With it only being available in the arcade for a week, the issue seems to be cause for more laughter from players than stress.

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