Overwatch 2 players are convinced matchmaking is actually getting worse after Blizzard ‘fix’

One problem after another.

Overwatch 2s matchmaking has been in a strange state of disarray since its release, with gamers getting paired with wildly varying ranks. Blizzard has shipped several patches to try and fix the issue, but instead, players are convinced its actually getting worse.

OW2s competitive game mode follows a role-matchmaking strategy. This is where players get placed against opponents of corresponding ranks. While Blizzard claims to have “fixed” the problemthat it simply wasn’t workingplayers are sure there are still issues.

On Feb. 15, the devs released an Overwatch 2 patch targeting the issue, which they described as “players from a much lower skill tier” getting placed unfairly against the top grades. Less than a week later, however, the OW2 community has returned to Reddit is a unified belief: they believe that role matchmaking is absolutely not in place.

Players rolled in to share their matchmaking nightmares, with some sharing images and clips showcasing the increasingly unpredictable rank discrepancy.

One OW2 gamer said, I’m plat and played against a top 500 on the enemy team. Some pointed out how inconsistent Blizzard’s logic is, considering the hero shooter sequel doesn’t let you queue with friends whose rank is “too low,” but then the devs don’t seem to be rushing to fix the issue where your random teammates are tiers and tiers apart.

Another player joked I’m playing Elden Ring because it’s easier than OW.

A group of heroes in Greek mythology skins.Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

OW2 has had a collection of patches, nerfs, and buffs in recent history. In perhaps one of the most game-changing bug pandemics to hit the title, one glitch has been unintentionally changing heroes’ strengths and abilities. Sigma was the most recent victim of OW2’s bug epidemic; the tank’s knockback passive ability has been made redundant, with players noticing he actually gets knocked back further than most other characters.

Other heroes like Symmetra, Orisa, and Roadhog have all had ultimate bugs which had the chance to negatively impact the game too.

It’s clear Blizzard has its work cut out to fix the mounting Overwatch 2 issues.

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