Overwatch 2 players are convinced Blizzard will unveil upcoming new support hero tomorrow

Everything is in place.

Overwatch 2 players still have 11 more days to complete their battle pass level tiers before it gives way to season four. And every day that passes, new players are expressing their eagerness to know what the next hero to join the roster will look like.

Now, many players are convinced the upcoming hero’s reveal will be coming tomorrow for several reasons, as outlined in the latest trending Reddit thread on the matter.

Overwatch fans think April Fool’s Day could be a perfect time for Blizzard Entertainment to drop hints on the next hero. “I feel like they have to be doing something for April Fools,” wrote the thread’s title.

“My theory, is that they’ll release a hero illustration during April Fools, leaving the fans wondering if it’s really the next hero or if they’re trolling,” wrote the highest-voted comment.

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Although this theory can seem far-fetched, the developer’s reveal schedule for previous heroes would also suggest an official announcement around tomorrow, April 1, for season four. Last season, Ramattra was revealed exactly 10 days ahead of the season start, which would correspond to this date for the next one.

There are high chances Blizzard Entertainment will introduce some kind of time-limited game mode or comedy content for April Fool’s Day, although it’s unclear whether it’ll involve the next season.

The developer usually adds googly eyes on heroes for this day. In 2021, it also introduced a chaotic game mode with evil bonuses for every hero.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment | Fandom

Players jokingly suggested seeing “jetpack cat” as the next hero to be revealed during April Fool’s Day, too. It wouldn’t be considered as serious, but turn out to be the real hero featured in Season Four. The “jetpack cat” designates an old canceled hero from Overwatch. It used a machine with jetpacks to fend off enemies.

Overwatch 2 fans don’t know much about what season four will bring into the game, as most of its content is still shrouded in mystery. The next upcoming hero will be a support with a sort of unique kit that will feature some “trolling” potential.

The Season will also see the removal of Map Pools and the launch of a new battle pass, whose theme is still unknown at the time of writing.

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