Overwatch 2 players are begging Blizzard to tweak one team-based feature

This is why you get a five-stack.

Avoiding teammates is one of the more beloved features in Overwatch 2, but a section of the community is claiming the feature needs a boost for the sake of an enjoyable competitive experience.

Players are currently limited to three ‘avoided’ teammates in Overwatch for a seven-day period, meaning they wont be placed on a team with their less-desired peers until it expires. Today, calls to increase the number to 10 are flooding Reddit, though the other side of the coin believes it might stretch queue times to unheard-of lengths.

The queue feature is designed to keep all matchmaking times short while giving disgruntled Overwatch players the opportunity to lower the possibility of encountering toxic or low leveled teammates. Now, some players are willing to ‘waste’ even more valuable minutes in order to avoid an unpleasant gaming experience.

A large portion of the community welcomed the idea. For those in favor, they said it would be a good change because, usually, these types of players are in cahoots with various members of their Overwatch team. Odds are, theyll likely bump into the same stack of teammates in the next game, some suggested.

While avoiding the few might end up blocking out the many, theres always a chance of theyll be placed in the same situation again.

Those who thought Blizzard should hold off on the move had one unifying argument: Issues arise when players start avoiding more than three ex-teammates. Giving people as many as 10 players to avoid, will ripple across the entire competitive landscape, according to some gamers, and spike matchmaking times.

As players climb the ranks, the amount of gamers in that bracket shrinks. The likelihood of reminiscing with prior teammates skyrockets due to the lack of players.

For those at the peak of the bell curve, this wont impact them as muchbut it still will.

Overwatch 2 has been fraught with complaints from the community, but Blizzard developers have kept their eye on forums. The recent ping-changes show the devs are watching, so maybe we might see some changes on this in the future.

For now, though, it seems we’re stuck with just three blocks.

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