Overwatch 2 player suggests how games could improve by adding a mechanic seen in multiple Riot titles

Match looking hopeless? This fan wants to be able to walk away.

One Overwatch 2 fan believes the game would benefit from allowing players to vote to forfeit a matchand they aren’t alone.

On the Overwatch subreddit, Reddit user saalamander asked fans earlier today if they believe Overwatch 2 should incorporate a “vote to forfeit” option specifically in ranked matches. The game already allows players to leave ongoing quick match games without penalty, but if a player leaves a ranked round before it’s over, they’ll be hit with a leaver penalty and matchmaking will not bring another player in to replace them.

“There are a lot of matches I play where I think to myself ‘which we could just forfeit this one and [re-queue]’ rather than wasting 15 minutes,” saalamander wrote. “I understand the potential for toxicity but wasting time ‘going through the motions’ can be excruciatingly boring.”

While the post had a significant number of upvotes, which signifies community agreement, many players expressed concern at the “potential for toxicity” that saalamander mentioned. “Can be a negative. People will want to forfeit after losing the first fight or two,” said one player. “I feel like that would just encourage people to feed on purpose when other teammates [aren’t] voting to forfeit to force them into doing it,” said another.

The consensus seemed to be that while waiting for a losing match to be over is definitely painful, it’s still better than incorporating a system that could give more ammunition to griefers and players who go AFK when things aren’t going their way. “If you get pessimistic after the first round and just spam forfeit or [feed] on purpose, then you do not belong in a [game mode] where you should be trying your hardest to win,” shared a fan.

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