Overwatch 2 player shows just how clutch Lifeweaver can be in the right hands

They're out to prove a point.

Lifeweaver has drawn much criticism from players, pros, and even Overwatch League analysts since being introduced to the game at the start of Overwatch 2 season four, but one player appears to be set on proving the Thai support heros worth.

Posting to Reddit, one gamer created a highlight reel with over a minute of Lifeweaver plays that show off the swathe of utility the hero provides and the creativity he allows.

Using a combination of Life Grip, Petal Platform, and Tree of Life, the video showed numerous clutch saves, some of which might be worth keeping in mind for those looking to take Lifeweaver out for a spin in their next Overwatch game.

The first highlight of the video might best display the power of Lifeweaver. Playing on the Village map of Nepal, the Lifeweaver player saves one of his DPS using a Life Grip before protecting his squad from a Zarya ultimate by placing a Petal Platform down underneath the Graviton Surge.

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Boosting his teammates to safety above the Zarya ult, Lifeweaver maintained high ground to wait for the enemy Sombra to pop EMP before dropping a Tree of Life to once again protect his team from another enemy ultimate. Over the course of around 15 seconds, the single play included all three of Lifeweavers main abilities and resulted in a huge swing for his team during the fight.

Among the other clutch plays this Lifeweaver showed off were Life Grips which saved players from getting pinned by opposing Reinhardt players as well as Petal Platforms that boosted teammates away from dangerous enemy fire.

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