Overwatch 2 player shows it actually takes skill to use Baptiste’s most underrated ability

He made the save from downtown.

Baptistes Immortality Field in Overwatch 2 might come across as a potentially overwhelmingly powerful ability on its surface. With a 25-second cooldown, it can prevent anyone that stands in it from dying.

As many players have come to find out, once the field goes away, all too frequently players inside the field are stuck with little health remaining and are prone to dropping like flies. Though this led to the ability getting a bit of a buff in the midcycle season three patch last month, Baptiste remains one of the lesser-picked support heroes in the game, with one of the lowest win rates as well, according to Overbuff.

One gamer was out to show just how useful the ability can be during a defensive stand on Blizzard World. Seemingly coming back from spawn, this Baptiste player was rushing back into the action to try to help out his Ramattra player who was holding the line at the chokehold around the corner from the Hybrid maps initial capture point.

As the Baptiste got closer, they realized that their tank was losing health quickly and knew they had to do something desperate. Using Baptistes Exo Boots, the player lept in the air like Michael Jordan in the 1996 film Space Jam and lobbed up an Immortality Field from range like Steph Curry chucking a buzzer-beater from half court.

With a pleasant ringing sound resonating on the players UI following the toss, the Baptiste effectively saved their Ramattras life just in time to get back to healing them up a liberal spamming of Biotic Launcher healing projectiles.

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This Baptistes tactics represent a fresh approach to using Baptistes Immortality Field. Frequently, Baptiste players are close by their tanks and when it comes time to toss an Immortality Field, the ability isnt thrown for distance as much as it is simply placed down next to the team during a fight.

This players willingness to toss the projectile from such a distance displayed a combination of quick decision-making and confidence that he could get the Immortality Field where it needed to be despite not being the easiest ability to aim from range.

While Baptiste might still not be one of the most well-represented heroes on the competitive ladder, this play certainly shows what kind of power the mercenary can have in the right hands.

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