Overwatch 2 player shows how the right hype song can spice up even the worst POTG

The perfect track for the... perfect play?

Its a part of the game that many players ignore unless they know that theyre the ones being honored. The Play of the Game in Overwatch 2 is littered with game changing combinations of ultimates and impressive four-kill plays. And, on May 1, one POTG got a little something special.

The music that players hear as the POTG replay begins has remained the same for years. The once-epic sound is a bore to most players, but one gamer found the solution to the Play of the Games mundane delivery.

In a post to Reddit, one player shared an experience they had in which a teammate opened their mic in voice communications right as the play of the game was set to start with the intent to hype up his team for what was almost assuredly going to be a skillful Hanzo display.

Blasting Fingerbang by the electronic dance music artist MDK, the person playing Hanzo in the game seemed to know that they would ultimately get the Play of the Game and set it up so that the beat dropped right as the POTG highlight began.

What no one foresaw was how… unimpressive the actual POTG would be. With only one kill and no ultimate usage to show for it, this Hanzo POTG wasnt anything spectacular, and it begged the question, what of note actually happened in this game?

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Even with the play itself being less than stellar, the music revved up the moment enough that it didnt seem to matter. Despite only one kill being shown, its almost as though having fresh music was all that the Play of the Game needed to draw people back in.

Blizzard hasnt announced any intentions of making any changes to the music involved in the Play of the Game, but based on this video, it seems like licensing a little bit of EDM might be in order to get players more invested in the post-match replay.

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