Overwatch 2 player shows how disastrous—and brilliant—Lifeweaver can be with one play

It had players feeling the full spectrum of emotions.

Overwatch 2s newest support hero Lifeweaver has garnered a lot of negative feedback from players since being introduced to the game because of the way he can accidentally disrupt teammates with Life Grip. But one player recently showed the heros utility has so much potential, it can make up for potentially embarrassing situations during a game on Dorado that was posted to Reddit yesterday.

Conceptually, Life Grip is an immensely valuable ability for a support hero to have. Putting a bubble on an ally and pulling them away from danger, the tool seems like one that every team would want to have.

But all too frequently in the past three weeks since Lifeweaver was added to Overwatch 2, the ability has resulted in players getting moved at inopportune times, either leading to the player dying or missing out on a chance to use their ultimate against the enemy team.

During this particular fight, a Cassidy player was in a vulnerable position toward the end of the map. As the enemy Sigma used his ultimate, the Lifeweaver player gripped him out of the ultimate to try to keep them from taking damage. But at the exact same moment, the Cassidy player started to use Dead Eye.

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By pulling Cassidy around a corner, Lifeweaver prevented Cassidy from being able to capitalize on the ultimate ability he just activated. But without any hesitation, the Lifeweaver player knew how to make it up to Cassidy.

Dropping a Petal Platform below Cassidy, the Lifeweaver player created a peekaboo moment to lift the ulting Cassidy behind the enemy team just in time for Cassidy to pick off a pair of unsuspecting enemies. While it was by no means the initially intended course of action, the Lifeweaver players ability to think on their toes made for a play that may have ended up being more effective than the original play Cassidy was going for.

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