Overwatch 2 player showcases ingenious strategy for out-healing an enemy team’s Mercy

If you hate pocket Mercy players, you'll love this advice.

Weve all been in those games where the opposing teams healer is a one-trick Mercy player who’s been playing that singular hero since the original Overwatch beta. You know the Mercy mains were talking about, the ones who have been exclusively playing that healer for about seven years.

Well, one Overwatch 2 player this weekend revealed one simple trick that those Mercy mains dont want you to know about: a strategy that you can use as Mercy to outperform those annoying enemy Mercy players who just alternate between holding down left-click and right-click on their tank, or occasionally a Pharah that theyre pocketing.

Just kill them.

Its the most big-brained, yet simplistic advice that one could think of. Instead of consistently getting out-healed, this player created a video to show all those flex-support players that beating a one-trick Mercy player is as easy as sending them back to spawn.

They cant out-heal you if theyre dead. The post to the Overwatch subreddit included a glorious 35-second video public service announcement that appealed to the ethos of all healers who feel forced to play Mercy in the game’s current state. In the past month, the hero is among the top three most-picked healers in the game, and she has a notably higher win rate than Kiriko, who is one of the heroes in front of her in pick rate, according to Overbuff.

Tired of hearing Mercy diff? the videos caption says. This one simple trick will ensure you always beat the opposing Mercy. Guaranteed.

With the orchestral accompaniment of the well-known prelude to Act 1 from the 19th-century opera Carmen, this gamers video went on to share numerous highlights of one Mercy taking out the enemy team’s Mercy in a variety of circumstances. From shutting down a potential rez to pistol-only Mercy duels, this PSA made it clear that you too can make your enemy Mercys life miserable.

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