Overwatch 2 player shares what to do when a teammate picks Lifeweaver in competitive

This tip might save you in some matches.

Overwatch 2s newest support hero Lifeweaver was unlocked in competitive modes yesterday, April 25. And while some players were quick to give the character a try on the ladder, others were less thrilled to have Lifeweaver players on their team.

Because keeping positive communication is critical during competitive matches, one player found a relatively polite way to let teammates know that picking Lifeweaver might not be the best option.

Despite boasting one of the most unique kits in the game that is loaded with utility, Lifeweaver was largely deemed to be underpowered by the community on release in part because of his general healing throughput.

Even after receiving some buffs and a reworked control scheme, the hero doesnt necessarily have the same amount of healing power as other supports. Meanwhile, his rework came on the exact same day that he was available in competitive modes. Thats right, players didnt even have an opportunity to get used to Lifeweavers new controls in quick play before yesterday afternoon.

To combat having a Lifeweaver on their team, one gamer today shared a video of how they handled someone picking the seemingly underpowered toon. Instead of getting into voice comms or typing nasty messages in text chat, the Ramattra player simply looked at the Lifeweaver and started shaking their head in disapproval.

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After a short period of time, the Lifeweaver player understood what their tank was looking for and generously swapped heroes to play Kiriko instead. As players continue to try and get a better understanding of Lifeweaver and his place in the games meta, it seems as though he will likely remain a less savory pick by teammates for the time being.

But in the early days of his availability in competitive, the success of players on the ladder may boil down to how well they can communicate with people who want to play Lifeweavereven if they do so with no words at all.

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