Overwatch 2 player makes Zenyatta and Echo walk, making us wish they never do it again

You can never unsee it.

Overwatch 2 has a wide range of heroes with various backgrounds and abilities, and one notable characteristic that makes a few of them stand out is their constant state of flotation.

In the game itself, heroes like Zenyatta, Echo, and Sigma are never depicted with their feet on the ground, moving one in front of the otheruntil some players made it happen on May 9.

Zenyatta was the original, ever-floating hero in Overwatch. As a spiritually enlightened omnic, he was introduced to the game as a hero that moved around the battlefield with his legs crossed, moving around a few feet off the ground without having to ever actually move his feet.

When Blizzard added Echo and Sigma to the game as heroes that had levitation-related abilities, they werent shown with crossed legs, but they seem to also hover as they move, never needing to use their feet.

But the new limited-time Galactic Rescue gamemode that Blizzard added as a part of its Starwatch event has opened up possibilities that players previously didnt have. The gamemode includes a special PvE-like resurrection mechanic that allows players to revive downed allies. However, this means that whenever a hero is eliminated, instead of going back to spawn, they begin doing a completely new animation, limping around the battlefield.

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By creating a customized version of the arcade mode, players have found a way to test out downing these flying heroes to make them limp, and well, the results are a little bit creepy to be honest.

Maybe its the fact that we never get to see them walk, or maybe its the fact that the animation has them hunched over like zombies. More than likely its a combination of both, but it looks like Blizzard was probably doing fans a favor by not ever showing off these heroes’ walking animations before now.

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