Overwatch 2 player hits enemy Mei with the most toxic solo ultimate of all time

This player took the mind games to a whole new level.

Theres nothing that exhibits bad manners in a video game quite like a good, old fashion ultimate thats intentionally used in the least efficient way possible with the express purpose of asserting dominance over an opponent.

And this week, one Overwatch 2 player executed what just might be the single greatest and most toxic solo ultimate of all time against an enemy player trying to stall out the payload during a match on Junkertown.

With an Ice Wall and temporary invulnerability move, Mei is among the most frustrating heroes to play against in Overwatch 2. And any time a player tries to stall out a payload using her, it can be an irritating experience.

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So with an ultimate ability in hand, this D.Va player decided the best way to deal with a pesky Mei that was fighting along by the payload was to wait patiently for the Mei to use her abilities and pop Self-Destruct.

Timing the Self-Destruct at just the right moment, this D.Va player was able to make sure the bomb went off at the exact moment Meis Ice Block ability concluded, making it impossible for the Mei to make it out of the exchange in one piece.

Dealing a maximum of 1,000 damage, D.Vas bomb is among the most powerful singular damaging abilities in Overwatch 2, and there was absolutely no need for this player to use such a costly ultimate simply to take out a 250-health target that had no team support.

With her full team around, D.Va could have easily saved the ultimate and taken care of that Mei without popping a Self-Destruct. But as we all know, sometimes using an ultimate isnt about what the correct play isits about sending a message.

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