Overwatch 2 player finds potential visibility issue in Junkertown, but is it actually a glitch?

The sights didn't seem to line up.

High ground is typically the most sought-after real estate in shooting games, and Overwatch 2 is no exception. However, one player noticed an especially peculiar issue this week with line-of-sight around the second checkpoint of Junkertown.

The escort maps second checkpoint leads into the towns battle arena, and with it there are numerous second-story windows and openings. In this particular round, a player using Cassidy noticed that the enemy teams Genji was hiding out in a corner on the second floor of the map.

Seeing that the Genji wasnt moving, the Cassidy player took a couple of shots at the opposing hero and hit him with a headshot before that Genji player seemed to even notice him.

Using the games replay feature afterward, the Cassidy player, who was curious about why that Genji player was just sitting around, viewed the game through the Genjis perspective and saw that the Genji player could not see him as he held the corner and the high ground.

At first glance, it almost appears as though there is some sort of point-of-view or line-of-sight bug that allows the Cassidy player to see the Genji that is tightly hugging a corner in order to stay hidden.

But some players commented on the post to Overwatchs subreddit suggesting that this discrepancy in line-of-sight can be chalked up to a corner advantage that the Cassidy had by being further away from the corner than the Genji.

Given Genjis completely exposed head in Cassidy’s perspective, it feels like the situation may have a little bit more going on than just a corner advantage though. Its almost as if the hitbox of Genjis head is slightly forward compared to where his first-person perspective is. This led some players to continue the discussion of where exactly first-person cameras are in characters, and as is often the case when players go back and forth online, the results werent all that conclusive.

Regardless of whether it truly was a line-of-sight bug or not, it stands to reason that corner advantage is indeed an element of Overwatch 2 that players need to stay conscious of if they want to avoid the same fate as that poor Genji player.

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