Overwatch 2 player finds out what it takes to get play of the game as Lifeweaver

One of the most difficult heroes to get POTG on.

Earning the play of the game in Overwatch 2 is oftentimes a tough task for support players, and for new heroes, especially one as underwhelming as Lifeweaver has proven it be, theres an extra layer of difficulty involved in achieving the honor.

But one player has seen glory, and on May 15, they shared that highlight with social media so that we all can have a glimpse of what it takes to get play of the game as a Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2.

As a hero that is touted more for niche utility, Lifeweavers capabilities dont necessarily translate to throughput that is often favored by the play of the game algorithms. Meanwhile, his general healing and damage throughput make it difficult to out-do a play by a DPS hero that might confirm three or four kills in one quick play.

However, this Lifeweaver player showed that maybe other players are using the hero all wrong if theyre goal is to get POTG. Solidifying what is surely among the first slew of Lifeweaver POTGs, this Reddit users play was focused less on supporting their team and more on taking out the enemy.

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Popping Lifeweavers Tree of Life ultimate ability, this player went into seek-and-destroy mode after placing the tree down that gives bursts of AOE healing. Immediately confirming an elimination of the opposing teams Mei, the player dove into a side room to take out the enemy healer. As that players Cassidy player came in to peel for their Ana, Lifeweaver eliminated Cassidy as well.

It might not be saving a tank by using Life Grip combined with a cheeky Petal Platform, but it seems like if you want to get POTG as Lifeweaver, youll want to have his Thorn Volley ready to spray down the opposition.

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