Overwatch 2 player finds out Kiriko’s Swift Step and Echo’s Duplicate don’t mix well

Well, that was unexpected.

One Overwatch 2 player has found what looks like an unintended interaction between Kiriko’s teleporting Swift Step ability and Echo’s Duplicate ultimate.

In a clip shared to the official Overwatch 2 subreddit earlier today, Reddit user Vegetable-Depth2801 showed what happens when Kiriko attempts to teleport to a transforming Echo. Playing Kiriko on Dorado, Vegetable-Depth2801 attempts to Swift Step to Echo, who is currently duplicating D.Va. At the exact same time as Kiriko teleports, Echo transforms from D.Va back into herself. Rather than teleporting to Echo, Kiriko is placed all the way back at the attacking team’s first spawn point. Vegetable-Depth2801 must then run all the way back to the payload’s location near the end of the map.

There’s no ability in Overwatch 2 that sends a hero back to spawn, so it’s likely that this is a bug resulting from a strange interaction. “I think because she was in [the] hero select part of her ultimate it teleported you to the map origin. This happens when you [teleport] to someone in hero select in spawn, too,” said one commenter. “I think that’s the [map’s] point 0, not sure on Dorado. Each map has one,” said another, explaining that it’s possible that because Echo’s model didn’t exist or was in a state of transition, Kiriko’s Swift Step took her to Dorado’s point zero, a default location.

The same commenter noted that another similar video was shared on the subreddit a few days ago, meaning that other players are likely experiencing the same issue. “I saw another video of a Kiriko teleporting to a D.Va re-meching and they fell through the map,” shared a third player.

Blizzard has not yet publicly commented on the bug, but considering how widespread it seems to be, it’s likely that the devs will publish a fix in the not-so-distant future.

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