Overwatch 2 player calculates which heroes are most likely to earn POTG

Sorry, Ana mains.

Overwatch 2 brought a lot of changes, but some features have remained untouched over the years.

Play of the Game (POTG), which highlight a standout play at end of every match, is one of the surviving features.

It’s the moment when Overwatch players can shine and get recognition for their contribution to a winor the impact they had in delaying defeat.

But no matter how impressive your play is, you might never get POTG based on your hero.

A user on Overwatch’s subreddit yesterday shared data accumulated from over 550 matches, calculating the heroes with the most and least POTGs.

Although the data is slightly biased based on several elements underlined in the image above, there’s one piece of information players agreed on: Ana mains don’t ever get enough Play of the Games.

In the thread, players said Blizzard should change how Ana contributes to plays so she gets better recognition. The damage dealt from her nano boost, for example, counts towards the enhanced hero instead of her.

“I got it once as Ana. It involved sleeping an Ana ultra Roadhog while he was ulting, ulting my tank who was at like 1 HP just to keep him alive, hitting a huge grenade and getting 2 kills,” one player wrote. “Honestly I probably wouldnt have got it if any of the dps managed to get a double kill that game.”

Others said they wanted to see the return of highlight cards, so they could get a better indication of their contribution when playing heroes that aren’t designed to dish out tons of damage, such as Kiriko, Brigitte, Baptiste, and Mercy.

From the data, it’s clear damage dealers receive the most POTGs in Overwatch 2. This graphic is also influenced by the average pick rate of heroes, which explains why heroes like Echo and Tracer are in the “Rare” category.

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