Overwatch 2 one-tricks might be hated by everyone, but some really don’t care

It's safe to say this opinion is unpopular.

One-trick ponies are among the most hated players in competitive games, and Overwatch 2 is no exception.

Under no circumstances will these players switch their heroes, because they’re only willing to play one character.

They are easily recognizable by their career profile, from the time played on their favorite hero to their player iconand they often get hate in the chat.

But some of them just don’t care. This is how they have fun, and they won’t change their playstyle for the sake of pleasing their allies.

In a Reddit thread today, one-trick-ponies gathered and explained why they stuck to playing one character. “I’m 43 and Overwatch is my first multiplayer FPS. Ive been maining Torb because I feel most comfortable with him,” one player said. ” Im grateful they exist so I can enjoy the game without being super proficient in aiming!”

While another added, “I onetricked my way to Grandmaster as Reaper. Who cares, so long as you’re popping off and having fun.”

Many users in the comment said they received frequent hate for playing only “no skill heroes” but argued skill isn’t only determined by pure aim. “People get the work they put into characters out of it, and sometimes that makes other characters seem easier, but its just them being ignorant,” one player said.

In Overwatch 2, players can switch heroes at any time of the game, which means players often expect their teammates to adjust to whatever the opponents are playing at any moment. In terms of strategy, it’s more efficient to adapt whenever possible and counter the enemy team.

But in reality, most players haven’t mastered all heroes equally. Most have a limited understanding, and they’ll be more useful in a team when picking the heroes they’ve mastered rather than those they’re not comfortable with.

In short, throwing hate to one-trick ponies is counter-productive. If a teammate perfectly masters their pick, they won’t help the team by switching to a counter. In that case, it’s better to adapt to their playstyle and help them rather than push them towards another strategy.

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