Overwatch 2 just teased the reveal of the newest hero—and the wait won’t be long

A new hero joins the ranks soon.

Overwatch 2 players already knew that they’re going to get a new hero with the season two battle pass, which begins on Dec. 6. And soon, players will get a sneak peek into what kind of hero it will be.

The new hero will be revealed during the Overwatch League grand finals on Nov. 4, although no one is quite sure exactly what time Blizzard will show off the character. Many people are speculating that Mauga is the newest hero due to some recent leaks about who is coming next to the game.

In 2019, Mauga made his first appearance in a short story about Baptiste. Recently, a French content creator seemingly leaked the fact that Mauga was the next hero in a now-deleted video where he claimed that he interviewed developers such as Aaron Keller and Geoff Goodman.

Besides speculation, there isn’t much to go off of for who the next character in the OW2 franchise will be aside from the fact that it will be a tank. According to the OW2 roadmap, new heroes will come regularly with new seasons, and season two’s new hero has already been confirmed as a tank, which only furthers the speculation that Mauga could be that character.

The tweet from Overwatch says that it’s a first look at the character, so fans aren’t sure if they’re going to get all of the lore behind the character or if they’re just going to get a quick reveal about who the character is. Players and fans will have to watch the OWL grand finals to get a look at the next hero in the Overwatch franchise on Nov. 4.

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