Overwatch 2 is having serious server issues right now, and thankfully Blizzard is aware

Overwatch 2 is down, we need an adult.

Overwatch 2 has, arguably, not been a smooth ride since launch and while the bugs and glitches slowly make their way out of the FPS, theres usually another issue that pops out of nowhere to annoy everyone for roughly three hours (or more).

Theres nothing more annoying than a game not working when you need it to. You could be one more win from ranking up and Blizzard decides to rip your glorious promotion to silver three away from you.

Theres been a flood of reports sharing problems with the Overwatch 2 servers. Hundreds of players have flagged the issue. Thankfully, it seems Blizzard is “aware.

According to the BlizzardCS Twitter account, the issue is affecting our authentication servers, which may result in slow or failed login attempts. The problem seems to be making it difficult for Overwatch 2 players to load into the game, to begin with. In response, the dev team wrote: We are currently investigating the cause and will provide updates as they are available.

So prepare yourself for an update thatll fix the issue, and probably fill your bandwidth in the process. Odds are this server issue will be fixed shortly, but if youre wondering why you cant hop into a Overwatch 2 server, thats why.

While technology has made games into the marvels they are today, frequent updates and changes to gameplay tend to bring out a bug or two in the process.

Unfortunately, we gamers will have to learn some patience today.

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