Overwatch 2 is giving away a Legendary skin on Twitch—but it’s locked behind a long and frustrating grind

Tick tock.

Overwatch 2 players are in for a treator rather, some of them are. Blizzard Entertainment is giving away high-value drops on Twitch up until Dec. 20

They include a Legendary skin for Ramattra, Overwatch‘s latest hero. But to get this skin, you’ll need to unlock Ramattra first, which means you’ll have to reach at least level 45 of the battle pass or buy the premium version to be eligible.

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TwitchBlogsRamattaSpray_1920x1080.pngImage via Blizzard Entertainment Ramattra_Traveling_Monk_01.pngImage via Blizzard Entertainment Ramattra_Traveling_Monk_Nemesis_02.pngImage via Blizzard Entertainment

Once Ramattra is unlocked, players need to watch an eligible channel for two hours to pick up the Ramattra Restrained Spray, and four hours to get the Legendary Ramattra Skin, which is called Traveling Monk.

To know if you’re able to claim the drops or if you need to watch for longer, you can go to the active campaigns window on Twitch.

Can you reach level 45 before the event ends?

If you don’t have the premium battle pass, it’s unlikely you have already reached level 45 to unlock the tank unless you play multiple hours a day.

Even if you play around two hours of Overwatch 2 every day starting today and complete every daily and weekly challenge, you won’t be able to reach level 45 before Dec .20, unless an XP bonus event is launched before that date.

If you’ve already started completing every challenge since the season started and play competitive matches with the XP bonus (for queuing as anything other than DPS), you might be able to reach that level in time, however.

Since each tier requires 10,000 XP points, you need a total of 450,000 XP points to get Ramattra. You can get 9,000 XP for completing every challenge (plus around 1,500 XP for each game) and 55,000 XP in total for completing every weekly challenge. There are only two weeks left until the end date of the event, which means you’ll get roughly 110,000 XP for completing them from today to Dec. 18.

But there’s some good news: you might have seven more days to unlock the hero. According to Blizzard’s FAQ, you’ll be able to claim Twitch drops until Dec. 27. This would give you one more week and another batch of weekly and daily challenge XP to unlock Ramattra (which is 11 more tiers on average).

If you really want to get these drops but haven’t bought the premium battle pas2, you’ll need to start grinding right now.

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