Overwatch 2 is gifting fans a dating sim for Valentine’s Day

Nothing screams romance like Cupid Hanzo judging your every move.

For the past six years, Overwatch has casually ignored the worlds most romantic commercial holiday, jumping straight from Lunar New Year into Pachimarchi or the lore-heavy Archives events. This year, however, the team is bringing romance to the game in the form of a dating sim.

That sound you hear in the distance is the excited screaming of Overwatch fans who have been begging for some form of Valentines Day content since the games inception. As early as 2017, fans were clamoring for the games resident archer, Hanzo, to get a Cupid skin. Similarly, the fandom has always begged for Overwatch to capitalize on some of the games most iconic possible relationships and interactions.  

Loverwatch, a textual dating sim based in the Overwatch 2 universe, will combine both of these when it launches on Feb. 13 as a part of the Ultimate Valentines Day event.

Players will have the chance to try and romance either Mercy or Genji in this browser-based game. That concept already ticks a ton of boxes for most of the games fans, but might not please the folks who hope Genji and Mercy end up together.

They can put the pitchforks down for now, though, since the dating sim is explicitly labeled as non-canon. For those who are not terminally online, that means the storyline of Loverwatch is just for fun and doesnt mean anything in the lore context of Overwatch 2.

As a bonusor perhaps a negative depending on how you look at itplayers will be aided by Cupid, who developers say looks suspiciously like Hanzo. Theres no way Hanzo, one of the games most egregious grumps, handles this without grumbling about romance or the significant lack of defensive armor in his Cupid outfit. 

Though Loverwatchs lore wont translate to Overwatch 2, its reward will. If players can unlock the secret ending to the dating sim, theyll be rewarded with an exclusive in-game highlight intro. 

The dating sim is part of Overwatch 2s first Ultimate Valentines Day event, which runs from Feb. 14 to Feb. 28. It will include a four-vs-four mode that revolves around Hanzo as well as support-based challenges. Two Epic skins will be up for grabs along with other cosmetics. 

Loverwatch can be found at Loverwatch.gg when it launches on Feb. 13 and will be playable until Feb. 28. The dating sim can be played in English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, French, and German.

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