Overwatch 2 heroes unlock the power of the gods in new Battle for Olympus game mode

You can earn your seat atop Olympus for all to see.

Some of the most recognizable heroes in Overwatch 2 are getting a massive upgrade in a new limited-game mode, taking their power levels beyond where mere mortals can reach.

The Battle for Olympus mode is making its way into Overwatch 2, giving players the opportunity to pilot various heroes with Greek god-themed skins. This limited-time free-for-all deathmatch mode, which was first teased within the trailer for the start of Overwatch 2 season two, will begin on Jan. 5 and last until Jan. 19.

This mode will consist of a free-for-all deathmatch where players can choose from seven heroes, consisting of Roadhog, Pharah, Lúcio, Junker Queen, Ramattra, Reinhardt, and Widowmaker, all of whom received new skins this season tying into the depths of Greek mythology. It is not clear if players who do not have these skins will be able to play with them in this mode since the trailer only featured these heroes in these specific skins.

Battle for Olympus will also be providing these heroes with reimagined abilities to raise the power of each of these heroes to god-like levels. Many of these power-ups were teased in the announcement trailer, such as Pharah being able to move while casting her ultimate and Roadhog growing much larger before using his ultimate.

Blizzard also revealed that this event will feature a global leaderboard, tallying the number of eliminations that players attain while playing. The player who earns the most eliminations will be awarded a special statue on the Ilios map, though no further information has been provided at this time. Updates on the leaderboards will be periodically given across official Overwatch 2 social media channels.

Overwatch 2s limited-time Battle for Olympus mode will go live on Jan. 5. Players will be able to access the mode from the Arcade until Jan. 19 and earn their spot on the global leaderboard.

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