Overwatch 2 heroes get much better when you ask your grandma to name them

She really just said that someone was Justin Bieber...

Its a zoomer’s greatest pastime. Theres nothing quite as thrilling as highlighting the generational gap between gamers and Baby Boomers by trying to explain video games to an older person.

That is, unless you can convince an elder to try their hand at guessing what a video game is about with zero explanation. Thats what one Reddit user claims to have done with their grandma.

Posting screengrabs of a text conversation, an Overwatch fan yesterday said that they sent photos of heroes from the game and asked their grandma to try and name them. As one might expect, the answers they received were something special.

Some of the names were more realistic than others. While she named Genji Robo-Sword and Ashe Cowgirl Connie, a few of the other names were a bit outlandish. Seeming to think Ana identified as a man, the grandma called her Sir LotsOfJacketCrap because of Anas large jacket and all of the medical equipment strapped to her.

Meanwhile, some heroes got names that were ripped from dated references. D.Va was given the title G.I. Jane, and Bastion was somehow seen as a mechanical rendition of Foghorn Leghorn.

While she didnt get any of the names completely correct, the Overwatch development team might be pleased to know that Doomfists appearance is every bit as menacing as they intended it to be. This OW granny was extraordinarily close by calling Doomfist Doctor Doom.

Here are all 12 characters that were given special names:

  • Ana Sir LotsOfJacketCrap (Tries to impress his friends with all his gadgets)
  • Ashe and B.O.B. Cowgirl Connie and Road Warrior (School crossing guards)
  • Baptiste Big Shoe Joe (Stomps out bad guys)
  • Bastion (with Ganymede)  Foghorn Leghorn and Tweety (his gun roasts chickens)
  • Brigette WhoopAss Wanda
  • Cassidy Justin Bieber
  • D.Va G.I. Jane (security detail)
  • Doomfist Doctor Doom (scares the hell out of everyone)
  • Echo Fiona Fairy (Tries to keep the peace in Overwatch land)
  • Genji Robo-Sword (Cuts up all the veggies in the village for free)
  • Hanzo Muscle Man (Looking for a gym to work out in)
  • Junker Queen Aussie Annie (She can cook baked potatoes in her hands)

The post to Reddit indicated that this is part one of a three-part post. It stands to reason that more grandma-inspired Overwatch hero name changes could be coming in the near future. This piece will be updated as a full roster of granny nicknames continues to unfold.

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