Overwatch 2 fans unearth D.Va All-Star skin glitch—but it’s not the only skin that’s bugged

Anyone would be upset if they had their stars removed.

One Overwatch 2 player has discovered a D.Va skin that appears to have had elements removed.

Reddit user Beertrooper shared a comparison video yesterday showing D.Va’s 2020 All-Star skin as it used to look and as it looks now. In the previous version of the skin, the bodice and stockings of D.Va’s bodysuit appear to have a shimmery sparkle effect that looks like stars. The stars move as D.Va herself moves, creating a celestial effect. In the newer version of the skin, it appears as though the sparkle effect has been removed. In this version, D.Va’s bodysuit looks more one-dimensional without the shimmers.

It’s unclear whether the sparkle effect’s removal was purposeful or simply a bug. “I paid for it and I want it the way it was,” Beertrooper said in the post, lamenting the loss of the “stars” from the skin. The skin was originally available in late 2020 as an Overwatch League tie-in skin and cost 200 OWL Tokens, the equivalent of about $12. Players could either purchase Tokens or earn them by watching OWL matches on YouTube.

In the comments, other players pointed out several other skins that appear to either be bugged or have had elements removed. One fan pointed out that Cultist, a popular Zenyatta skin, seemed to have its legendary-specific animations removed from some of Zen’s emotes. Another shared a list of issues they’ve encountered, including an untextured Junkrat R.I.P. Tire on one skin and no animation transition on Face Changer Sombra.

Overwatch 2 developer Blizzard Entertainment has not made a statement about the changed skin. If the lack of sparkle is indeed a bug, it will likely be fixed quietly in an upcoming patch.

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