Overwatch 2 fans share their biggest ‘pet peeves’ and every player should take notes

Some of those might already have driven you to despair.

Overwatch 2 players shared their biggest “pet peeves” from other players, and you might have already encountered most of them.

In a Reddit thread from May 23, they listed what they hated the most about their ally’s behavior.

To kick things off, the author mentioned how they hated, as a support, to see their low HP allies going for health packs on the map, preventing them from healing them using their own abilities.

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The highest-voted comment mentioned another occurrence every Overwatch 2 player will encounter frequentlyeven in high-tier lobbies, and it’s infuriating when it happens.

“Oh no! The other 4 members of my team just died, better use my EMP/Shatter/High Noon/Grav etc,” wrote the user, referring to those who use Ultimates when a fight is already lost.

This a helpful thread for beginners and players who can use it to notice patterns of their own. Many common mistakes were listed under the thread.

Another top comment mentioned tank players who remain in the backline instead of making space for allies, DPS players who won’t switch to counter enemies, and those who ask for heals while remaining out of range for support.

You might already have made one of those mistakes in your Overwatch 2 gameplay, and it’s an opportunity to take notes and improve.

There are tons of other ways to get better and become an ally everyone will want at their side, such as knowing Overwatch 2 hero counters and communicating with your teammates.

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