Overwatch 2 fans have a favorite One-Punch Man skin, and it’s not even close

The results are in, and they're conclusive.

Overwatch 2 fans have had a wide array of opinions on the games collaborative efforts with the anime series One-Punch Man. While some believe Blizzard messed up with their depiction of Genji as Genos, others seem to think Kirikos Terrible Tornado skin is so simple that its only a base-skin recolor.

Making Doomfist the shows main protagonist Saitama was perhaps the only universally agreed upon decision in the collaboration, but now with all the votes in, we know exactly which One-Punch Man skin is the best.

Using the infallible scientific measurements that can only be achieved by a 24-hour poll on Twitter, the Overwatch 2 team has finally and decisively determined the best Overwatch 2 x One-Punch Man skin in the gameTerrible Tornado Kiriko.

Garnering 44.5 percent of the 62,803 votes, the Kiriko skin was leaps and bounds more appreciated by fans than the other heroes new cosmetics. Second place went to Doomfists Saitama, which had 29.2 percent of the vote.

Genjis Genos skin has largely been criticized by fans. While some have believed he doesnt resemble Genos well enough, others have found that the obscure nature of Genjis haircut in the skin is just a bit off.

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Kirikos Terrible Tornado skin wasnt above criticism either. Some fans appeared to be torn on the outfit because of how basic the look is, but in response, other fans on Reddit noted that the S-Class hero Terrible Tornado herself has an extraordinarily basic look as well. Outside of her glowing minty green hair, the One-Punch Man character has a completely plain black dress.

The OW2 limited-time collaboration will last until April 6, and players can purchase three of the four collaborative skins in the games shop. The Mumen Rider skin for Soldier:76, however, can be earned for free by completing 24 games, and players can get a handful of other free goodies along the way.

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