Overwatch 2 fans debate what hero should get the next Mythic skin—and it’s not who you think

Who deserves the next customizable skin?

Overwatch 2 fans have put forward their suggestions for which hero should receive the next Mythic skin.

Reddit user sleepyaoe recently asked users who they think will get the next skin “based off of pure speculation.” “We can’t say much considering the next patch hasn’t even been teased yet, but I’m curious. I have a feeling it’ll be a support character considering last [patch’s skin] was a damage [and] this one was a tank,” they said in their post.

The question sparked plenty of speculation among players and fans, many of whom are hoping their main will get a fun, customizable skin. Several agreed with sleepyaoe that since no support hero has received a Mythic skin yet, season three’s Mythic ought to go to a support. “We’ve had a DPS and tank Mythic, so it should be a support next. I think it’ll be Mercy but I want a Mythic for [Baptiste], he needs more love,” said one top-rated comment.

Other players volunteered specific skin ideas. “Please [make it] a Lúcio one where one of the options [changes] the genre/style of music. That would be sick,” said one fan. “Ana…has some interesting parts of her design, like the jacket, hood/mask, and dart launcher that could be designed for Mythic options,” said another.

Mythic skins are unique cosmetics that sit above even legendary skins. They’re rewarded for reaching tier 80 of each of Overwatch 2’s seasonal battle passes and are themed around their respective pass. Season one’s Mythic skin was Cyber Demon Genji, which reflected season one’s cyberpunk theme, while season two’s Mythic Zeus Junker Queen is indicative of its Greek mythology theme.

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