Overwatch 2 fans call for Blizzard to finally deliver on Battle for Olympus promise

We're waiting, Blizzard.

Overwatch 2s Battle for Olympus event has come and gone and one of Blizzard’s big promises from the event has seemingly been forgottenthough fans are still waiting.

During the January event, Blizzard developers said they would be tallying the kills each hero collectively accrued during the Battle. Junker Queen eventually led the count and reigned supreme at its conclusion. As part of the event, devs promised the winning hero would be given a statue on Illios to showcase their almighty glory.

The community has certainly not forgotten that promise and poured into a Reddit post on the topic on May 2 to beg Blizzard to deliver the one thing everyone is waiting for: a Junker Queen statue fit for the gods of Olympus.

This belated Overwatch statue’s arrival was originally promised towards the end of the Battle For Olympus event, which spanned from Jan. 5 to Jan 19, 2023. Junker Queen’s leaderboard-topping effort of 43,461,573 kills crowned the contest.

Unfortunately for players, it looks like this is just one of many.

Other Overwatch fans suggested those eager for the statue stop waiting, especially considering all the other delayed promises from the Blizzard team. One they mentioned was PvE, which has been coming since Overwatch 2s launch. Another was the Sojourn cinematic, promised before Overwatch even arrived. The cinematic has yet to see the light of day, but it looks like Blizzards other assurances have stolen the limelight.

Players are hopeful the developers surprise them with the updates weve all been waiting for, but considering the track record it’s not looking too hopeful now.

Blizzard did not immediately respond to Dot’s inquiry on the statue’s release.

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