Overwatch 2 devs rush to fix several heroes after May patch goes haywire

Turns out, there were more than we thought.

A multitude of pesky bugs and glitches have crept into the Overwatch 2 servers after the May 9 patch came in to nerf everybodys favorite heroes, and to buff long-forgotten charactersand Blizzard is already on the case.

Because of the mid-season Overwatch update, heroes like Doomfist and Sigma were accidentally nerfed into oblivion. Several new glitches saw Sigmas ultimate voiding all of his other abilities, while Doomfists block was simply made redundant. Fans will be pleased to hear the developers are already working on a fix.

As well as those Sigma and Doomfist updates, Rammatra and Kiriko are also going under the microscope, Aaron Keller confirmed in a May 11 tweet.

Rammatra suffered the same blocking issue Doomfist players discovered yesterday, which flared up thanks to the mid-season patch.

Kirikos problems, however, have been lingering for months, with the developers only now taking a look at it. The support characters Swift Step ability was completely useless, with the glitch nullifying the move entirely. Players would click their Swift Step bind with the hopes of teleporting to a teammate but to no availthey wouldnt teleport anywhere.

Sigmas glitch saw the tank flying like Pharah after using his ultimate ability. The next stage of the glitch made all his abilities become unusable, meaning Sigma would only be able to casually fly around the map using his primary fire. The tank hasnt been put back into competitive just yet, so odds are theyre testing him out in more causal Overwatch modes like Quick Play to see if anything else flares up.

Blizzard also fixed a strange camera shake issue that they are continuing to investigate in case theres further issues involved with the glitch.

Now that most of these have been solved we can go back to Simgas flooding our Overwatch competitive games, and Kirikos teleporting to teammates with poor positioning.

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