Overwatch 2 devs have rework update for Roadhog mains, but they’re not going to like it

This is not the news we were hoping for.

The state of Roadhog in Overwatch 2 has been in tatters for some time now as the equally popular and infamous hero has fallen from grace following massive nerfs to his damage.

While Blizzards developers have expressed intentions to give the hooky-heavy Overwatch tank a rework, they didnt previously have any sort of timetable laid out for players. Now, in a roadmap posted today, it seems like players will have to wait a lot longer than they might want for Roadhog to be viable again.

Roadhog has long been a hero known for his one-shot potential, and through the years, playing around his Chain Hook cooldown was always a crucial element in countering the heavy Scrap Gun wielder in any Overwatch match.

Since Blizzard nerfed his damage in a late January patch, he hasnt been the same, and his playability has suffered tremendously. Hes quickly turned into the least-selected tank hero on the competitive ladder, according to stats from tracking website Overbuff.

With Hog mains laying in wait for a rework of their Pachimari-loving savior, Blizzards roadmap today disclosed a rework of Roadhog isnt coming anytime remotely soon.

Posted under the title Season Seven and beyond, Blizzard devs confirmed on May 16 that Roadhogs rework will not come for at least another five months, until October when season seven is likely set to begin.

Just because Roadhog doesnt have a rework coming in the next two and a half seasons doesnt mean Blizzard wont potentially buff the hero. However, its unlikely theyll do too much to change his tuning considering the fact a rework is on the cards.

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