Overwatch 2 devs are working on Roadhog rework that will change his ‘one shot’ power

This was definitely needed.

The Overwatch 2 developers have been hard at work tackling all the issues on their checklist. In particular, theyve been trying to adjust heroes like Sojourn and Doomfist, who have either been the best or worst characters so far in the sequel.

Sojourn was recently nerfed again, but theres another hero in the dev’s sights. Roadhog, the pot-bellied tank, has been a cut above the rest and requires some long-overdue nerfing.

Now, it was revealed by one Overwatch 2 developer on Emonggs stream on Dec. 15 that the tanks one shot power is hanging in the balance. 

The developer shared that it [nerfs for the chunky Overwatch 2 character] was something (they) had planned” for some time, but they haven’t been able to squeeze them into updates.

Roadhog’s nerfs werent put into action earlier, however, he said, due to technical difficulties that made things difficult to introduce into competitive play.


We can look forward to Roadhog’s eventual nerf in mid-January, as a planned patch will drop, changing the overpowered nature of his one-shot abilities. 

Roadhog will be joining the evergrowing list of nerfs. Sojourn copped several nerfs to reduce the overpowering impact of her railgun and now has had both her other abilities nerfed to keep her on a level playing field.

Doomfist saw several buffs that made him even stronger in the Overwatch 2 meta. Well just have to wait and see if Roadhog is impacted by the new patches too.

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