Overwatch 2 developers will be adding new ‘core game mode’ in future seasons

Sweeping changes are coming.

Overwatch 2s roadmap has revealed a collection of exciting gameplay changes for the next few seasons, with a newly unveiled competitive and quickplay mode leading the charge.

The new mode, titled Flashpoint, is set to arrive in the coming seasons and will be placed alongside the Control, Push, and Escort modes, according to a May 16 interview with Overwatch’s director Aaron Keller and producer Jared Neuss. Season six will feature Flashpoints debutand likely change the Overwatch meta for good.

The new core game mode will be accompanied by a new support hero, bolstering the healer-heavy category just two seasons after Lifeweavers roster addition.

Developers will also introduce two new maps to the rotation, bringing in maps set in India and Gothenburg. These will also be featured in competitive and quick-play matches.

The news comes alongside revelations that OW2 will be getting an overhauled PvE mode, which left quite the bitter taste in players’ mouths. PvE as we know it has been scrapped, and will now instead be featuring seasonal events with PvE elements.

The developers shined a light on other future endeavors too, giving us a glimpse of the changes coming until the end of season seven. In particular, fans can look forward to Sombra and Roadhog reworks during the huge update.

Season five begins on June 13, 2023, and will introduce several cinematic and story-based elements, whereas season six seems tailored more to gameplay and meta changes.

With Overwatch PvE being left in the dust, theres more time for devs to tackle the various bugs plaguing servers each season. The community has encountered several issues ruining gameplay, and now theres no excuse not to fix them.

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