Overwatch 2 dev teases special trait of the game’s next hero

Not sure it will win you games, but it's the best hint we have so far.

Overwatch 2 is due for a new hero coming in season four next month, and while Blizzard has been tight-lipped thus far about details surrounding the hero, executive producer Jared Neuss today teased gamers with a little hint.

The new hero is cute.

Its been common knowledge for a while that the developer intends to make the next two heroes in the game support characters in order to help diversify the rosters support options. Additionally, in an interview last week, hero designer Alec Dawson even suggested that we may see some familiar faces join the roster.


Dawsons teaser doesnt necessarily narrow things down all that much. Over the past seven years, Blizzard has continually expanded the Overwatch universe to the point that there is an abundance of characters that the developer has introduced to fans that arent in the game yet.

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Meanwhile, Neuss admission doesnt do all that much good either, but it does support a growingly popular fan theory that the next hero could be the MEKA pilot Overlord. The former professional gamer, whose real name is Seung-hwa Shi, is a teammate of D.Vas. His appearances in lore have included him being a bit of a repair guy for the team during missions, giving fans the indication he could be a support hero.

As the youngest member of the MEKA squad, the bushy-haired fella could certainly be considered cute if one were to use a definition of the word as describing attractiveness in a youthful or childish way. Though the teaser isnt all that much, its the best we have for now.

The last hero to be added to the Overwatch 2 roster, Ramattra, was announced at the beginning of November, one month before being added to live servers on Dec. 6 with the release of season two. Assuming that Blizzard still intends to add heroes to the roster on an every-other-season basis, fans should expect to hear about a new hero getting added relatively soon, considering season four begins in less than a month.

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