Overwatch 2 console players complain mouse and keyboard is ruining the game

Competition should always be balanced, like your diet.

Players are acknowledging how unfair it is battling it out against people using a mouse and keyboard in their Overwatch 2 matches.

The precise aiming allowed in PC gaming has always been a superior way to play competitively, however, most games have been able to combat this with aim-assist for controller users.

You can also use a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller. This is where Overwatch 2’s complaints cup overfloweth. 

Aim-assist is also available for players with a keyboard and mouse, making it one overpowered way to play games.

Reddit has officially announced that its had enough of keyboard and mouse players on consoles. Distraught Redditors complained, imagine entering a game to find your team absolutely demolished by someone who hits all headshots and makes 180 in half a second.

Players shared their frustration throughout the Reddit post. Imagine that’s what their whole team is like in the lobby every game, said one Redditor.

Screengrab via Reddit

Redditors agree that it was a nightmare playing against these types of users as its impossible to compete against them.

Screengrab via Reddit

The keyboard and mouse controls are far superior to using a controller, especially paired with aim assist. 

Using a keyboard and mouse on certain consoles isnt typically allowed as it detects the unfair advantage, however, players use a Xim keyboard and mouse adapter, allowing them to use a keyboard and mouse by tricking the game into thinking theyre using a controller.

Screengrab via Reddit

With any luck, the Blizzard devs will catch on soon and make the necessary changes to provide a fair and balanced competitive landscape for all players.

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