Overwatch 2 community reacts to incoming Junker Queen nerf

Is Junker Queen busted?

After being added to the Overwatch 2 beta over the summer, Junker Queen has proven herself as a force to be reckoned with. Pro players in the Overwatch League have continued to prioritize having Junker Queen on their teams. As as result, the developers have announced that the powerful tank will be getting nerfed before Overwatch 2 drops in October.

Junker Queen was made with the newly aggressive five-vs-five meta in mind, allowing her to fit right into the revamped game. The problem, however, is that she might fit a bit too well compared to tanks from the first Overwatch. To combat this, the developers have confirmed that a nerf is coming her way before the sequel arrives.

The Overwatch community has responded with mixed feelings over the decision. While some applauded the developers for trying to balance the game, others felt that the general public should be able to play with Junker Queen before a decision is made.

What changes are coming to Junker Queen before Overwatch 2?

While the nerf has been confirmed, no details on the incoming changes have been revealed just yet. The goal is to “lower the overall performance” of Junker Queen, something that many players have been demanding for months.

Overwatch fans have made some speculations on what changes will come to Junker Queen’s kit based on issues they’ve seen with her throughout ranked play and Contenders matches. Similar to Brigitte when she first arrived, many see Junker Queen as a viable tank, DPS, and support, making her feel oppressive.

One fan pointed out that the biggest issue with Junker Queen is her Commanding Shout ability. Commanding Shout increased her health by 200 and nearby allies also got an extra 100 in health. She also gets increased movement speed. Adding additional health to allies is “never a good idea,” said one player.

With Junker Queen’s ability to heal and gain health, some players have called her “unkillable,” especially when played at high levels in the Overwatch League. One player even noted that he saw Junker Queen “take a full Genji blade” and not die.

One suggestion was to bring other tanks to her level but most Overwatch players hated the idea. Having even more “busted” tanks seemed like it would make the game unbearable to play for many gamers. Instead, players are hoping that Junker Queen is nerfed so that she doesn’t continue to soak so much incoming damage without consequence.

For now, the Overwatch community is left in the dark when it comes to the specifics of Junker Queen’s nerf. The nerf will go live when the sequel comes out in October, but it’s possible that information on Junker Queen and other balance changes will be addressed before the game’s release.

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