Overlooked CS:GO team extends Anubis win streak to 15 in Paris Major with no signs of stopping soon

Will anybody else dare to leave Anubis open against them?

European CS:GO team Monte is one of the best Anubis teams in the world, and the squad increased their impressive map-win streak on Anubis to 15 after defeating The Mongolz by 16-12 on May 10 in the BLAST Paris Major Challengers Stage.

Monte are invincible on Anubis since March 15, when they defeated Polish team Let us cook at CCT Noth Europe Series four. Since that win streak started, they defeated FORZE twice, and 9INE, Apeks, and The Mongolz once, who all qualified for the BLAST Paris Major.

On top of their 15-map win streak on Anubis, their record on the map in the past three months is also really solid. They played Anubis 26 times and won 22 times, meaning they sport an 84.6 percent win rate on Anubis since February 13.

As surprising as it sounds, Monte actually play better as Terrorists on Anubis and don’t rely on their CT performance to carry them to victory, according to HLTV. They’ve won 53.25 percent of their T-side rounds in the past three months and just 46.65 percent of their rounds on the defending side.

In the victory against The Mongolz at BLAST Paris Major on May 10, Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas was their best player, getting 29 kills and just 19 deaths, but overall, every Monte player plays well on the map, which could be tied with how the team as a whole approach Anubis strategically.

Although Monte’s 15-map win streak on Anubis hasn’t been put to the test against a top-10 CS:GO team in the world, it’s highly unlikely that said teams will leave Anubis open against them because there’s enough evidence that shows it’s better to avoid facing Monte on the map.

It could happen should Monte win their final Challengers Stage series though, and advance to the Legends Stage on May 11.

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