Outraged Tyler1 calls Riot ‘paycheck thieves’ over the state of League solo queue

The streamer listed a lot of issues after getting auto-filled a few times in a row.

The 2023 ranked season in League of Legends began on Jan. 10 with Patch 13.1 going live, allowing players to start their grind once again. But not everyone is pleased with the state of League solo queue, including Tyler1, who ranted about it during a recent stream.

The popular content creator was streaming League on Jan. 16 and got auto-filled for his secondary role three times in a row. This led to him being outraged and calling out the developers for the state of solo queue. In the rant, Tyler1 called Riot Games “paycheck thieves” for not fixing the issue.

In the beginning, Tyler1 made up a story of an average player who, in short, wouldn’t continue to play the game if it made them play their secondary role as many times in solo queue. “Would that keep the player coming back you fucking disgusting dogshit paycheck thieves at Riot? Fucking no,” Tyler1 shouted.

Afterward, the streamer claimed that the developers aren’t “doing anything else,” so fixing the game in the meantime shouldn’t be that hard, theoretically. “The balance is dogshit, you did nothing during preseason, you got paid to sit on the couch for two months,” Tyler1 said. After listing a few of the issues with League, he summed things up by saying that Riot is “doing fucking nothing” and he quit the game.

Tyler1 isn’t the only renowned League individual who’s criticized the state of solo queue recently. The game’s legend, Faker, explained on Jan. 13 that it isn’t fun anymore due to the poor design of the meta and issues with the matchmaking system.

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