OTK Games Expo 2022: All games and viewer prize winners

OTK finds two winning studios.

Esports organization and streaming collective OTK recently produced their inaugural gaming exposition, OTK Games Expo 2022. Hosted by popular streamers Asmongold, Rich Campbell, Nmplol, and more, the entire organization showed out to debut their newly acquired WePlay Esports studio.

The OTK Games Expo featured thirty indie game development studios showcasing or debuting their projects on the WePlay stage. Boasting $50,000 in cash contributions, the OTK Games Expo allowed viewers to directly vote for potential prize winners. Offering $30,000 for the first place winner and $20,000 for second place, OTK also put several Razer PC prizes on the line.

Here is a full list of the featured games and the lucky few who took home the prizes.

Showcased Games


Knights of the Deep – Prima Materia Studio

Samurai Zero – Neo Interactive

Esse Proxy – FromSouth Games

Neodash – Axan Gray

Gori: Cuddly Carnage – Angry Demon Studio


Arto – OrionGames Inc

Bio-Gun – Dapper Dog Digital

Below The Stone – StrollArt Studios

Figment 2: Creed Valley – Bedtime Digital Games


Dorfromantik – Toukana Interactive

Destiny’s Divide – Fobia

Immortal: Gates of Pyre – SunSpear Games

Spirits of the Hellements – Hippo Rider Games

Coromon – Tragsoft


Robotry! – Lockpickle

Cat Box Paradox – Biscuit Locker

Unrooted – Mizkif

Party Games

MiniGame Madness – Chaotic Entertaiment

The Matriarch – Chewa

Fueled Up – Fireline Games

Renown – RDBK Studios


Fashion Police Squad – Mopeful Games

Project Sparrow – Dids

Choo-Choo Charles – Two Star Games

Holdfast: Nations at War – Anvil Game Studios

Rocket Bot Royale – Winterpixel Games


Roboco – Filament Games

Abriss: Build To Destroy – Randwerk

Steel Guardian – NCB

Ages of Cataria – Third Pie Studios


Harmony’s Odyssey – MythicOwl

The Last Cube – Improx Games

Escape Academy – Coin Crew Games

Headless Jeff-3 – Insanity Corr


Knight Crawlers – Good Morning Games

Genfanad: Generic Fantasy Adventure – Rose Tinted Games

Kinfire Chronicles – Incredible Dream

The Pale Beyond – Bellular Studios/Coffee Box Games

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore – Gellyberry Studios

OTK Games Expo Winners

Second Place – Neodash, Axan Gray

First Place – Renown, RDBK Studios

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