OpTic yay: ‘Practice in EU is infinitely better than NA’

The player praised tier-two teams.

The dust after VCT Masters Copenhagen is beginning to settle and some VALORANT players, including OpTic Gaming’s yay, have praised Europe following FunPlus Phoenix’s win against Paper Rex in the finals.

In a recent stream, the 23-year-old said training in Europe is far superior to his home region, North America. “I think the practice in EU is infinitely better than the practice you get in NA, unfortunately,” he said.


Yay followed by saying Europe is filled with lower-tier teams who are able to put up a fight and are open to practice with the top teams from around the world. “There are some really good like tier two, like EU teams, like kinda best in the region, or best in the country, and they fucking slap,” yay said.

In VALORANT’s European ecosystem, there are many regional leagues, each with their own individual competition and local scene. This doesn’t necessarily mean the North American scene is lagging behind though. OpTic secured third place in Copenhagen and previously triumphed in VCT Masters Reykjavik in April.

After OpTic were eliminated from VCT Masters Copenhagen, the winner of the tournament, FPX’s ANGE1 said “NA plays great Valorant and its very hard to beat them.”

Following the tournament, teams from around the world are now preparing for their respective region’s Last Chance Qualifier next month and VALORANT Champions 2022 in September.

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