OpTic Texas reportedly considering a familiar face as part of potential roster moves

Pulling out all the stops for Scump's last dance.

The final run in the Call of Duty League for Scump, the face of OpTic and one of the all-time CoD greats, has not gotten off to a good start. As a result, the OpTic Texas team is reportedly already considering a potential roster move.

OpTic Texas is “in the process” of considering a roster move following Major One, according to Ben Nissim, a former manager/analyst for FaZe and current co-host of The Flank. Nissim says the team “is actively thinking about it” and is confident that a number of players have already been approached about potentially joining.

But Nissim also said most of the players the franchise is talking to are currently on other CDL teams, so OpTic would have to buy out a contract from another team, and it would likely be for a player who just signed a new deal this past offseason.

While Nissim wouldn’t name names, a CDL intel account in CDL Scrim Intel is reporting that OpTic Texas has “an interest in L.A. Guerrillas player Arcitys.” Arcitys, a two-time world champion, played alongside Scump in the first year of the CDL in 2020 under the Chicago Huntsmen banner but left after the conclusion of the season just a week before the team brought on Brandon “Dashy” Otell and rebranded to OpTic Chicago.

CDL Scrim Intel did, however, acknowledge the same buyout issue referenced by Nissim. Arcitys signed a new three-year deal with the L.A. Guerrillas this past offseason, and CDL Scrim Intel mentioned that his “big buyout” could stop the conversation from going any further.

Nissim mentioned in his video that OpTic Texas would definitely be a team to watch during this final week of December, saying that the franchise is “not waiting to see what happens until Major Two.” Their first match of the year at the Major One qualifiers ended in a controversial forfeit, and at the Major itself, they went 1-2 in groups and missed the bracket altogether, highlighted by a blowout loss to the Toronto Ultra.

OpTic Texas doesn’t have much time to mess around, though, with Major Two qualifiers beginning on Jan. 13, 2023.

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