OpTic Texas continue their losers bracket run, eliminates Boston Breach

Boston Breach secure Champs spot but leave New York early.

OpTic Texas continues their lower bracket run at the Stage Four Major by eliminating the Boston Breach.

While the Breach already claimed their Champs playoff spot yesterday when the Minnesota ROKKR and Los Angeles Guerrillas were eliminated from the event, the goal of contesting a Major title was still alive while they fought off OpTic Texas. Meanwhile, Texas would be attempting to make the ultimate losers bracket run to a grand final after having a shaky performance in the qualifier.

Bocage Hardpoint would be the opening map of the series, let through by OpTic Texas, who had previously vetoed the map for that mode. Boston capitalized on the ability to play Bocage Hardpoint and pushed Texas to their limits the entire time. While OpTic was able to come back towards the end, the clock ultimately determined the winner instead of the score. Breach walked away with a 187-173 win and the lead early in the series. Anthony “Methodz” Zinni got close to 4,000 damage on Bocage and dropped a 1.50 KD with 33 kills and just 22 deaths.

Quick to regain OpTic, Texas came with full force during the Tuscan Search and Destroy to win a quick 6-2. Boston was able to earn just two rounds, but the rest of the rounds were seemingly determined within the first 30 seconds with how lights-out Texas was playing. Tuscan proved to be the sweet spot for OpTic as they were able to overcome their Control issues to walk away with a 3-1 Control win and move to 2-1 overall in the series. The AR King Brandon “Dashy” Otell held down the sites on the Control win and came out on top with a 1.15 KD.

The final map of the series would be yet another Tuscan, but this time in the form of a Hardpoint. Boston had fallen from their initial map one success and was getting run over by Texas on Tuscan. What started as a lead for Boston soon turned in favor of OpTic as the guns began heating up, and they started hitting their final form. A 250-241 win keeps OpTic alive, and they await the loser of the Toronto Ultra and Los Angeles Thieves matchup.

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